A Pirate Game made by Express Gaming (creators of Narutoninja-rpg.com). It is an original Anime-ish game were you roam the seas as a pirate for land and luxury.
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 How to Play - Land Battle

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Head Admin/Ex-Navy Captain/Aldebaran Leader

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PostSubject: How to Play - Land Battle   Fri Mar 07, 2008 6:08 am

1. When fighting each player can use this Menu and only this menu

a. Weapon - (depends on weapons)
b. Kraft Spells - (Water, Fire, or Earth ) *water beats fire, fire beats earth, earth beats water* *Works Like this if you use water and you have 10/10 and opponent has 10/10 fire, you will do 50% damage, 5/10 water and 10/10 fire will do 25% 5/10, 5/10 Does no Damage. You may only Use Kraft Every other turn
c. Bird Thrust - Does 15(or more depending on Which Bird) Damage Each Time but requires a Bird *must buy from Black market>Ross's Pets (...coming Soon)
d. (Nothing Yet, will be released soon)
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How to Play - Land Battle
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